TLD Harshaw 4500

The Harshaw 4500 Manual TLD Reader provides versatile readout of TLD dosimeters. It incorporates both hot gas and planchet heating to read TLD cards, chipstrates, ringlets and unmounted dosimeters. Dual photomultiplier tubes and associated electronics enable it to read cards in two positions simultaneously. A start button and four indicator lights control and monitor the operation. The Model 4500 connects via a serial interface to an external PC, as illustrated, which provides control over the setup, time-temperature profiles (TTPs), analysis and data recording. Additional applications packages are available.

– Reads 2-, 3-, or 4-element cards and extremity carrier cards using hot gas heating
– Reads single TLD chips, rods or powders using contact planchet heating
– Card elements are read in pairs. The pairs of a 4-element card are sequenced automatically
– Interfaces with WinREMS and software options such as Dose Algorithms, Glow Curve Analyzer, Chain-of-Custody and Health Physics Records System
– Easy to integrate into existing TLD systems with minimum additional training
– System hardware and software expansions can be transparent to the user, and maximize the utility of purchased items