RadEye GN

The new Thermo Scientific RadEye GN Gamma Neutron Pager

The new Thermo Scientific RadEye GN Gamma Neutron Pager combines the superior performance of the Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD Gamma Pager with a very high neutron sensitivity that exceeds the time-to-alarm requirements of ANSI 42.32 and IEC 62401. Furthermore the RadEye GN shows a significantly enhanced performance of the built-in NBR circuitry (NBR = Natural Background Rejection). It is now even more capable of differentiating artificial sources from NORM than previous RadEye™ PRDs, due to the resolution and stability of the scintillator material.

The RadEye GN identifies to the user whether the alarms are due to gamma or neutron by a different colored alarm LED, different tones and flashing the count rate/dose rate display readings with an inverted display background of the alarming channel or both channels as appropriate. The device also has different audible alarms, discriminating between elevated background/NORM and any artificial isotope alarm. The gamma and neutron audible alarms are clearly different. This gives the RadEye GN audible and visual identification using NBR of the type of material detected.

In conjunction with the optional moderator (# 425067177), the RadEye GN pager can be transformed into an even more powerful gamma/neutron search device at very little additional cost. An estimation of the neutron dose rate can thus be achieved for perimeter marking as well.

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