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Pagode Oy has been established in 2010 originally for distributing Hidex’s products in Finland. We help our customers to select correct measurement devices for their measuring applications and needs. The company has educated personnel that has know-how and experience of laboratory environment and measuring radiation both for research or for security purposes. Together with Hidex Oy, we can serve our customers also in larger projects.

We represent Thermo Fisher Scientific’s radiation measurement instruments in Finland and ORTEC Ametek’s products in Finland and in Estonia. We also resell LabLogic’s, Ludlum GmbH’s and H3D’s products in Finland. We also provide service and reparations for our customers’ old instruments.

Hidex technologies:

Over the years Hidex has introduced technological innovations in microplate reading, gamma counters, nuclear medicine and PET radiochemistry:

  • first portable liquid scintillation counter
  • first microplate reader to combine radiometric and non-radiometric detection technologies
  • first commercial automated TDCR liquid scintillation counter
  • first commercial online infusion system for oxygen-15 water with disposable filters
  • first automatic gamma counter with an onboard balance

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a worldwide company, with a vast product category. Pagode represents Thermo Fisher Scientific products for measuring and analyzing radioactivity for example in Nuclear Power Plants and in nuclear medicine and radiology in hospitals.

ORTEC Ametek is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing ionizing radiation detectors, nuclear instrumentation, analysis software and integrated systems. Pagode is specialized to sell gamma spectroscopy systems.

H3D offers products based on cutting-edge CZT (CdZnTe) detector technology. Their speciality are gamma imaging spectrometers.